Eliminating KR

There are many performance mods available for our cars that take different approaches to making hp but they all have one thing in common: Airflow. To make hp you have to have airflow and lots of it. Since the SC forces everything into the motor I have found that no matter what I do to go faster I am always somewhat limited by the size of pulley that I run. The smaller the pulley the more flow meaning the more hp. But as soon as you get to about 10lbs you run into a KR problem with the L67. Reason being is that the more you compress a flammable mixture the more explosive it becomes. So with this highly compressed air/fuel mixture wanting to explode too fast the car has to retard the timing or back off the timing advance, each of which will cause you to lose more power than you gained with the increased airflow. There are a few possible solutions to this problem.